Monday, August 1

august 1st, rabbit rabbit.

I don't know why it took me so long to play around with the template and change things up- but I have finally done it. So welcome to pearls and minty green. It's beautiful.

However, I think my realization about the elegance of green has been overdue for quite some time:

When I was nine, pouring over Seventeen magazine quizzes about "what colour are you?" and "what's your sign mean?" I always wound up annoyed at the results. My favourite colours were pinks and purples but I, being a capricorn, always got matched with earthy tones.

I think I owned like two green items of clothing throughout the first twenty years of my life.

At fifteen I demanded that my then-boyfriend could not be in green because it "looked military". I bullied the poor boy so much that he stopped wearing certain favourite shirts around me. (Considering we dated for three and a half years, how impressive on both our parts.)

So who knows how it began- maybe Greg's fab giraffe shirt turned me. I have started an impressive green collection over the past year (as you readers have been so fond of pointing out) and so cheers to the blog for joining in on the trend. Oh, and happy Civic Holiday/Simcoe Day Canada!