Wednesday, August 17

eight weeks and a taste of my own medicine

My goodness, I need to get laid. And not just for the obvious reasons.

First of all, this lack of getting physical is taking havoc on my body. I feel like I'm getting all pudge again because I don't have my sexy cardio routine to keep me in line. It's just so much better than going to the gym.

I am also lacking things to write about. All the racy inspiration is leeking either to the (secret) explicit realms of my mind, or just disappearing altogether.

And my sister has taken to mocking me constantly by quoting the cocky "I'm getting it and you're not" statements I made to her back in May. (She now has a boy of her own, you see.) She also has revoked my jean-borrowing privilages, claiming my bum now stretches her size 25 Citizens. Oh. Bugger. Off.