Friday, August 5

i did pay attention to the band too, y'know.

I went and saw Kings of Leon on Wednesday night and did you know that they're a huge boy band? As in, the show was one big test-fest with fifteen guys for every girl who was there. But that wasn't even the bizarre part. What really distracted me from the concert was that these guys were so not the type of people I expected to see at Kings of Leon.

In the post-concert taxi ride to the bar, Amy and I classified them to make it easier for you to see what I mean.

In attendance were boys who:
- are still summer camp councellors
- wear livestrong bracelets
- have mesh-back hats from Roots
- chant "KINGS KINGS KINGS" between songs
- went to private school
- will mosh to one song but then sway with their arms around their buddies for the next
- wear striped rugby shirts
- would fit in perfectly at a Dave Matthews Band show
- love to brag about ther drinking an entire 24 to themselves at the cottage last weekend...

Okay, okay, that was only the majority of the audience. Of course there were exceptions to my descriptions (I did run into Pierre afterall!) But still. What a strange collection of people.