Monday, August 8

the weekend, in various detail:

First of all, Terra was here for her "annual" summer visit. We spent most of the time by going all tourist; shopping and visiting unique Toronto-y places. We also went to the Hot Box Cafe and the Island, which resulted in a nice afternoon nap on the beach.

Oh, our weekend together was quite diverse. At one point, we were smoking a late-night joint in the school playground while surrounded by drunk seventeen year olds playing bocci-ball. 24 hours later: I was in bar while some stalker-dude receited me a poem he wrote. I had to turn away and silently laugh a half-dozen times through the 'reading'. Things like those don't happen every day, you know.

(We also went in the Haunted Barrel Works at Centre Island. I will never stop being freaked out by the 1970s brilliance that is that ride. I love the high-pitched electronic screams and innovative use of neon paint. Ahh!)

She headed back home this afternoon, but I cheered myself up by grabbing Steve and going to the Spitfires & Mayflowers show. What can I say, other than, I love them. The night was made perfect by getting their album and completing a long-delayed meeting with (part of) the band.

I also feel like the CD was made just for me, with its hand-binded cover and all the tracks written out on a library check-out card: oh do get one and see the dewey-decimal goodness for youself.