Tuesday, August 23

You know how in December everyone is obsessed with making "best of" lists? I know that there is a feeling of starting anew in January, but I am still a student and January just means more of the same: classes. All students know that the year really begins again in September.

And seeing as I am about to move back to London for my final year of University, this could possibly be the last time I get to experience the refreshing new feelings of fall. At the same time, I am ending possibly one of the best summers I have had so far. And so, this is why I present to you:

Paige's best of the best of The Best- Part I (FILM)

I do not see movies. I have a slight ADD-like affliction which makes it very hard for me to sit still longer than 60 minutes. I also hate Hollywood because it is rare for them to produce anything other than two-hour-long crapfests. But somehow I have seen five movies over the past two months, and I actually enjoyed all of them. (Okay, Skeleton Key was a little blah, but it gets bonus points for the pretty Southern scenery.)

However, two of the films I saw were beyond fantastic and I have been telling anyone who will listen to me to go see them. The first is Miranda July's Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Me and You is spectacular because it defies everything "Hollywood". There was this twatty woman sitting next to me who kept going "oh no! ooh!" during parts of the film which were 'high tension'. Scenes which in traditional films would lead to predictable things (like a dad walking in on his son getting a bj) but Me and You is so good because it doesn't fall into those script traps. It's fresh like that. Oh, and also there is a cute little kid in it, who creates this and... yes, just see see the film and you will know what I mean.

And then last night I saw The 40 Year-Old Virgin and it is the perfect comedy. I can only remember like a tenth of the funny things in the film, but it is just a brilliant collection of one-liners. (And I wasn't even stoned! Though the film references pot so many times I had to buy a HQ once I got out of the theatre...) Anyways, go see it so we can share some of the jokes. They make fun of everyone in it, including al qaeda- how can you not appreciate that?

(the best of the best of The Best will continue...)