Wednesday, September 21

say hi, anthony

Introducing my newest friend, Anthony. We already have a connection: he makes bubbles and swims around for me when I look over at him.

He is a siamese fighting fish and I bought him, some rocks, and a fake plant last night.

Last night was also the start of season three of "Fuck Wednesdays"- otherwise known as getting smashed on Tuesday night because no one has Wednesday class. (At least, no class until after 3pm.) We stopped at a friend's house on the way home from the bar because his roommates were playing beach volleyball on the front lawn and they told us to go smoke pot in the basement. Cheers to living in the student ghetto!

And then when I finally got home at 3:30am, I managed not only to compose the below prose about my most hated classmate, but I also cut my hair! Something which I didn't recall until I woke up this afternoon and saw the scissors and hair all over my bathroom. It's strange to have an afinity for drunk hair-cutting, but at least the results have always been good.