Tuesday, October 18

Is it possible for your tongue to suddenly grow too big for your mouth?

I feel like this has happened to me. It seems like my tongue is always pressed up against my canines, which cause little impressions to constantly appear in my taste buds. I feel like I am slowly increasing mistaken tongue-biting incidents. Things just feel too crowded.

Granted, I don't think I have as much inner-mouth space as the average person. I had multiple teeth removed before my fabulous stint with braces in high school. My wisdom teeth were also removed two years ago.

I suggested this tongue growing theory to my mom over Thanksgiving Weekend.

"Are you hungover?"

Yes, but that's not the point...
You don't even want to see the teeth-indents on the side of my tongue?

"I think you're giving yourself braindamage from all this drinking."

Okay, fine. Don't acknowledge my problem.

Actually, my issue is more with the solution. Because if my tongue actually has grown too big for my mouth, what am I suppose to do about it? There are no extra teeth kicking around to space things out. Is tongue reduction surgery even an option?

Or is that just as absurd as this entire "problem" is?