Thursday, October 27

part five of my never-ending dialogue with ugg boots

Last week in my Oral Presentaion Writing class we had to all give social speeches- like something one would say at a wedding, graduation, funeral, or boat launch. (Yes, those were our examples.) And so I decided to write an eulogy for Ugg Boots.

Mainly because, those fucking shoes have been part of my daily university life since second year. I don't even think you can fully understand the abundance that is Ugg Boots at my school. Their presence and popularity is actually absurd. But thankfully, the trend is tapering off, and now only like, one in five girls are wearing them. Which is why I thought doing a mock funeral for the boot would be hilarious.

And it totally was, but now I just feel like every girl (still) wearing Uggs is out to get me. I get little icy stares when I pass them on campus. Sometimes there are some raised-eyebrown looks at my own choice of footwear, as though anything aside of Uggs is simply too risque. Thankfully only one of my classmates has worn a pair since the speech (though maybe I have intimidated others) but I just feel like every Ugg-wearer knows I'm a hater.

Technically, though, they are the ones two-years behind on a trend. I was just trying to help move things forward. And secretly, I still haven't gotten over my own unrequited love for the boot. However, I know we could never be together now because the timing is just all wrong.