Tuesday, November 15

ertw, and i love them for it.

The engineers are officially my favourite faculty on campus, aside from my own. Because they just managed to get me to stand in the rain for half an hour and then did one of the best things I have possibly ever seen.

A 750 pound pumpkin. Dropped 100 feet. From a crane.

Mind you, I was content to be outside because I was standing under an umbrella with a fresh grande Christmas blend, listening to the new Suburban Kids With Biblical Names album.

But still. I would have watched the engineers set up the somewhat impromptu pumpkin drop even if I was soaking wet and in flip-flops (like some weird people on campus still feel the need to do). Plus I also just really enjoy cranes.

The thing that makes me love engineers is that they are always using their geek-skills to do cool things. I love the pranks they pull during frosh week (like hanging cars from buildings) and that even as students they just know how to do make things, like golf carts, explosions, and grain alcohol stills.

And so of course, everything was calculated perfectly for the pumpkin drop. The ground shook when it hit, the thing exploded into a million pieces and I cheered. It had been organized by Engineers Without Borders and done for charity. I think they raised over $1,000. As if I needed another reason to love engineers.