Tuesday, November 15

I went out drinking with my lovely roommates tonight at our campus bar. A place which is both convenient (a seven-minute walk from our front door) and nostalgic (it hosted a $1 beer night when I was a frosh and I did not miss a single Monday the entire year).

But two years ago the school forced the bar to renovate and now it's much more mild: it resembles an airport lounge and the beer is back at regular pricing. So much for the days when I could stumble there at 10pm, spend only three dollars, and wind up absolutely smashed to the point of being unable to attend classes the next day. (That and the fact that I usually woke up in someone else's residence room on Tuesday mornings.)

So tonight was not about hectic drinking, it was just about going out and being traditional. And also about requesting acoustic Sean Paul covers from our friend playing guitar.

Halfway through the night I noticed a taped a blog address at the bottom of one of the bathroom stall doors. It took me three trips to memorize the site, and so I felt obligated to look it up when I got home.

Fun fact of the night: if a blog is listed in a bathroom stall it's definitely not worth checking out.

However, there are still many other things I have learned from past bathroom grafitti which I do love. My favourite stall at Supermarket told me to 'listen to Beethoven's 9th, and remember why you love him. Then try out the 7th, it's beautiful". It took me six week to remember to do it, but I was happy when I finally did.

Maybe I should have let the bathroom-stall blog germinate for that long before judging it.