Tuesday, November 22

Yesterday I got an email from my school about an event that is being held next week: “Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Come to our networking reception, hear from recent and successful alumni, and learn about entrepreneurship as a career…”

At first I dismissed the email, because I know that I won’t be starting a business venture anytime soon. But then I looked at the guest list and now I must ask: is it’s perfectly normal to base your RSVP decision by the number of eligible graduates listed as speakers? And also: is googling their names to see pictures and determine bachelor status also an okay thing to do?

I have pretty much given up on the idea that I will find my next crush in school. Yes, I do have a longstanding dream of being in class with a boy I am dating, simply because I want to be that girl who giggles and draws cutesy things in her boyfriend’s notebook while the rest of the class becomes annoyed. But I am about to enter my last semester of school and must face the reality that this will never happen. I don’t go to school in a movie, after all.

(Of course anything could happen when classes start in January, so there is always hope. ha ha.)

Anyways, my point is, if fellow students are no longer a crush-option, why can’t I look into graduates? Most of the speakers at next week’s event are from Toronto, some are even from my own faculty, and they are all only a few years older than I am.

Then again, I think I am better than cruising for dates under the pretense of being interested in entrepreneurship. I would rather not stalk a cute guy and then have to explain to him why I haven’t opened my own business on our wedding day (I have high hopes, remember…) And I always make fun of the girls who go to events only because they are held by the HBA candidates or Med/Law school students.

I still have a week to decide if I should RSVP, though.