Sunday, December 18

Another Notion of Possibility... something glorious is about to happen?

There is something to be said about the pleasure of the potential; that rush of fabulousness that comes with a new idea, crush, plan, or assignment. Because it’s only in the early stages when you can really believe that whatever you are about to face will turn out exactly how you want it to.

The hypothetical is so attractive because the best potential is the kind that can never be realized. It’s the ultimate safe space for commitment-phobes and procrastinators alike: you think about the possibilities but you don’t ever agree to go through with any of them.

Yes, possibility is a safe space and this is why most of my hypotheticals are about guys. Also consider it the "If Game": if he lived in the same city/country/continent as me, then we would be all over each other all the time; if I hadn’t dated his friend, then he would have asked me out a long time ago; if he wasn’t with her; if it could have worked out; if, if, if

It’s fun to play, but becomes dangerous when the “ifs” are removed. Because, if you have a crush on someone who is totally available to you, then you have no excuse not to follow through on it. And on the first date, the pessimistic side of the potential will come into play. Most likely it will whisper to me nothing can ever be as good as you’ve imagined it and then point out other ‘safer’ people to crush on.

Wow, I am a complicated person.