Wednesday, December 28

Apparently the new theme of the season (that is, aside from list-making) is ruining Paige's favourite holiday beverages.

My sister is trying to convince me that Starbucks Chrsitmas Blend is nothing more than the clever re-packaging of their worst coffees, done in an effort to quickly sell off their least popular blends before the year ends. While my sister may have worked in the coffee industry for all of high school, I refuse to believe her. Or maybe I just have too much of an addiction to Starbucks...

And then there is eggnog. I have been enjoying 4pm family nog cocktails for the entire holiday. The fresh nutmeg is what really does it for me, but I also enjoy seeing the ratio of rum-to-eggnog increase with every cocktail hour.

I actually wasn't aware that so many people hate eggnog, but quickly learned so once news got out that I was drinking it so often. Try it: send an MSN to a friend about eggnog. The automatic reply is always "ewwwwwwww!" Sure, it is just eggs and whipped cream, and yes, that does sound slightly gross. But it's not that weird a beverage, just one of those things people love to hate.

So much so that I was even given a card depicting a rum-guzzling cow milking herself into a bowl where a crazy chicken is laying eggs. It might be vulgar, but really it only reminded me to buy more nog before I am forced to make my own.