Sunday, December 11

A few days ago I provided you all with some sexy female fodder and so now it's only fair that I introduce:

Low-quality videos.
Taken in rez.
Of shirtless boys doing sexy musical routines.

It is the most entertaining thing to watch, contains just the right amount of homoeroticism, and was passed onto me as a distraction from studying by Alex. And I am passing it forward, half because I think it deserves the attention but also because I want to find out who these guys are. Who they are, where they live, and if they want to take a road trip to my university.

The videos bring out the cougar in me, which I must admit, isn't a hard thing to do. It's a fiesty time of year.

When Terra and I were out for breakfast earlier this week I was checking out the guys who walked past our table and was caught in the act TWICE. I do the whole pursed-lips-tongue-on-teeth, smile-and-nod, full-body-glance thing when I am enamoured. Getting caught is somewhat hilarious because I think the males who catch me are more concerned that I am so bold with my staring.

Then when I was at the gym yesterday there was a guy wearing teeny shorts while working out on the bicycle. All I will say is: thank goodness for all the mirrors in gyms. I don't need to be caught flirting when I am looking sweaty and trying to lift weights.

And so also, thank goodness for topless boys cocking guns and doing pelvic thrusts on the internet. It's a necessary afternoon distraction.