Saturday, December 31

les resolutions pour 2006

- take more pictures. Actually, I am sick of my digital camera and its low-quality status, so my resolution is to hang around more photographers. I feel like sometime in October people stopped taking pictures of me. I will encourage and participate in changing this.

- run a 10km race in the spring. I am already able to do 3.2km, so with four months of training I can make it to ten. Plus I got the best pair of Nike shox for Christmas and they inspire me to run. (Because really, it's all about looking cute as you get buff.)

- pass my driving test on January 3rd. Third time's the charm, right? But still use public transit more frequently than a car. I will get a metropass in 2006!

- write. Finish/start the various projects I have been working on for so long. Do serious freelance work. Get an awesome internship at a newspaper or magazine and then get an even better "real job" as a writer. (If I don't have an actual job this summer, or something career-solid by September, my parents will kill me and then living at home will really suck. I still can't believe that in four months I will permanently be back in Toronto.)

- stop drinking to the point of not remembering. Sometimes it's fun to play the "what happened last night?" game, but it shouldn't be a frequent occurrence. Maybe also stop smoking so much pot (as this would also make that running thing easier).

- maintain the celibacy "vow"/trend I started in the summer: nothing from the waist down until we've established that we're dating. In July I resolved this and set a trial deadline for New Years. And so despite it expiring in less than twelve hours, I want to stick with it. Half because it's worked to my advantage so far, and half because I've convinced so many others to try it that I can't back down on my own advice.

- continue to take everything with a grain of salt. Stop procrastinating but don't overwork and stress out. Remain "right on time" and never rush.