Tuesday, December 13

My mother will be arriving at my house, my student house, in less than two hours and I feel like I should be cleaning.

Obviously I have to go hide the weed and dump the ashtrays, make sure there are no notes lying around to indicate any illicit activities, but the cleaning thing has been becoming more and more pressing with every visit my parents make.

They live a perfect two-hour-drive away. Just enough distance that they rarely come here, but when they do it's enough warning time for me to get things in order.

I don't like when my parents get all high and mighty about messes. They know me and my somewhat lackluster cleaning style. They can't get me to tidy my room when I'm home, so I don't know what makes them think that they have any entitlement to discuss the state of my student house.

And yet, I am compelled to clean before they arrive. I don't want to be judged on the many things I leave scattered all over the place, despite the fact that my bathroom at home will look the same in a week. I don't want to be advised on bed making or windex use or dusting, but I do want to hide the fact that I do none of those things on a regular basis from my parents.

Or, maybe I should start packing. While being nagged for not cleaning is bad, being yelled at for not having anything packed up is worse.