Wednesday, January 4

I have a huge crush on public transit and my main love is, of course, the TTC. I love the subway because it is where I do all my best thinking. I write endless notes during rides, observe the other passengers, come up with fabulous ideas, and sometimes take discrete camera phone pictures of my most interesting encounters.

The TTC is relaxing and works well with my laissez-faire attitude. You have to come to an understanding when you ride it; an acknowledgement that time doesn’t matter. People who check their watches while on public transit are dolts. They obviously do not realize that the TTC takes them on a ride and not the other way around.

I have long had the essential routes memorized and navigated the subway subconsciously. And I know I am not the only one to have done the TTC ‘walk of shame’, that is, the ride you take home at 6am because you were out all night canoodling with your crush for the entire time that the subway was closed. This is what also makes me love public transportation: everyone on the subway has the potential to be coming from or going to something completely stellar and unexpected.

I can’t wait for my transit use to be so great that I need a metropass, because I feel that it will be the ultimate sign of my devotion to the TTC. However, after passing my driving test today I feel like I have cheated on public transportation just a little bit. (But at the same time this license has been five years in the making; I totally deserve it!)