Thursday, January 19

I love to set up ridiculous “must do” goals about Toronto. Things which I know I will most likely never do, but at least want to attempt to accomplish. Such as “bumping into” Mayor David Miller on his morning subway ride to work.

When I was nineteen I had the summer goal of sleeping with Colin Farrell. He was in town filming A Home At The End of The World and this was back when he was just getting press for being slutty. I figured a few evenings out at the Four Seasons would be all it would take for me to seduce him. Ha! Needless to say, that one never materialized.

My most recent goal, however, is much more modest. I just want to spot Rachel McAdams and boyfriend Ryan Gosling. They don’t even have to make eye contact with me, I just really need to join the ranks of those who have seen the duo around the city.

Everyone else, it seems, has much better luck at this. The newspapers always mention seeing McAdams and Gosling and too many friend-of-a-friends are making spottings. What is most frustrating, however, is that they frequent the same places I do! So why is my timing so off?!

And so imagine my delight and frustration when I was messaged last night by Duarte, my Mod Club lover, to say that he had just seen my doppelganger and her boyfriend (his words) at Supermarket. OF ALL PLACES to have missed them, I missed them at my bar. I hate knowing that had I been in Toronto, I would have been there and my mission would have been accomplished. Sigh.