Tuesday, January 10

New Year Resolutions are much like Best Music of The Year lists: everyone says the same thing because it’s the seemingly right thing to say. Then again, complaining about the repetitiveness of said lists is also very clichéd. Ah well.

The resolution to work out more is, of course, one of the most popular and this year it seems to be even more prominent than before. I don’t know if I am only noticing this because I have been on a fitness kick for a few months, or if there is generally just a lot more healthy lifestyle promotion occuring. My school’s gym has put up a huge billboard next to Tim Horton’s which questions WHAT ARE YOU EATING? and then lists the calorie count of various products as well as the time needed on a treadmill to work all the fat off.

(I, however, am not shocked by the sign because I have a stupid calorie-knowing obsession. One of my male friends shares this sick hobby and we text each other with the stats on the worst foods we can find. For instance, a large chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen has 1350 calories! McDonald’s milkshakes also land in the plus-1000 range.)

Anyways, my point is that the gym is now PACKED with people eager to suddenly be healthy. But I can put up with the crowds because I know in two weeks they will be gone, and I know this because I have been a January-gymer for the past five years.

I am convinced, however, that this year I have beat the trend. Mainly because I started running, something I haven’t done since the days of mandatory grade school track-and-field participation. By deciding to do a 10km run I have this tangible goal. I like being able to see the increased distances with every work-out. Also, because everyone knows I am planning on doing the 10km, I have both the necessary pressure and motivation.

Okay okay, I sound totally cheesy. So before you write me off as a converted sport freak, consider my more conceited reason for liking the gym: SPRING BREAK! There are only six weeks remaining until non-stop partying on the sunny beaches of Florida begins. And I will be strutting around in stellar bikinis and slinky dresses the entire time.