Tuesday, January 31

One of my favourite new pastimes is to brag/complain about how old I feel, being a fourth-year student in her final term of school and all. Don't worry, the majority of my comments are totally tongue-in-cheek, or at least done while only in the company of other almost-grads. I learned very quickly that complaining about age does not bode well with anyone older than yourself.

Today's "I'm so old!" rant: I have become completly overwhelmed by the number of (younger) students using laptops to take notes.

When I was in first year it was rare to even have a laptop. Everyone in my residence had huge desktops- mine had a loud fan which drove poor Terra insane. And in class we all took notes by hand (and we walked uphill both ways to get there).

I just don't understand the motivation to take lecture notes by computer. First, you have to carry your laptop around all day. Then while you wait for it to turn on, at the begining of every class, you hope that the start-up song is not going to suddenly blast at full volume. When your battery starts to die you're forced to either endure the "beeep BEEEEP" noises or shuffle over to the nearest outlet.

At the same time, how are you suppose to include diagrams in typed notes? You can't doodle in the margins, nor can you connect ideas with stars, arrows, and swirly-lines. Without pen and paper it's hard to draw diagrams of the tanorexic ditz in the front row. The computer is straight forward and stern, and not the least bit creative.

But I guess the real attraction of in-class computing is wireless internet. So many students spend class on MSN, while looking at blogs and facebook... chances are someone is ignoring their prof by reading this right now.