Friday, January 27

This week I have decided that if I ever need to be told some bad news, I would like the cute Southwestern Ontario CTV News at Noon co-anchor to do it. His name is Kyle Christie and I have started watching the local news because of him and his ability to look absolutely charming at all times. He has all these subtle face expressions that I imagine are always directed right at me. It is not impossible, I like to think, for us to flirt through television.

I have to be obsessed with watching him because it’s the only form of contact I have with Kyle: a Google search turned up nothing other than his CTV profile and a mention from his alma matter. How can I become a real fan when I have nothing to work from? No sixth-degree of separation to him, no cute press photos, no details about his current relationship status, no MySpace site?

I am always a little upset when I have to admit that the internet let me down. But I really had high expectations for Kyle Christie gossip and right now I feel totally gypped.

Oh, and of course I ate the chocolate bar.