Monday, January 30

The three B’s of creativity are supposed to be bed, bus, and bathtub. That is, they are places which seem to always generate new thoughts and breakthroughs.

I know that most of my best ideas have come from riding the bus. I haven’t taken a bath in years, so I can’t say how well it sparks innovation, but I always think unique things in the shower. (Things which I promptly forget before I have a chance to jot them down. Such is the rinse-away nature of the shower, I guess.) The bed, however, gives me inspiration in a completely different manner.

I can’t write as much as I want to unless I am totally infatuated with someone, and I don’t really feel like writing when I am in the absence of a lover.

When I am enamoured I overflow with ideas and imagine the most ridiculous possibilities. It not that a need a muse, rather, I just need someone else’s energy to charge on: someone who will give me a rush and cause jittery feelings when he’s near.

I need an emotional shake-up because everything feels much too stagnant these days. Like I am on the verge of saying something but too bored to be bothered with it.