Wednesday, February 15

People who complain about Valentines Day are annoying. This is not because I am a lovey-dovey romantic, it’s because I think joining the “Happy Consumerist Hallmark Day” bandwagon is incredibly clichéd.

Hating on the holidays is not some edgy, radical thing to do- it is just a pathetic exercise in stating the obvious. And frankly, I don’t care that Valentines is nothing more than a day designed to make single, poor, lonely people feel bad about themselves. In fact, I would argue that single, poor, lonely people are single, poor, and lonely because they foolishly become depressed at the mention of things like chocolates, red and pink decorations, and fake holidays.

But anyways. I prefer to look at Valentines Day as more of an indicator as to how my winter is going, because strange and significant things always seem to happen to me every year on February 14th. Some highlights include: Meeting Gwen Stefani and No Doubt; helping a male friend pick out the perfect “I love you!” ring for his girlfriend while being very jaded due to my own newly-single status; being prescribed sleeping pills for the first time; skipping high school to sneak into my university boyfriend’s house so I could “wake him up”…the list goes on.

And this past Valentines Day? Shockingly it has been full of all the typical Hallmarky-things, like flowers from lovers, lacey pink lingerie, and boxes of chocolates. This is not to say, however, that I am lacking juicy incidents to report on. Those will be discussed eventually, because it seems like things are just starting to heat up.