Monday, February 20

So imagine if you didn't have a fuck buddy, but instead had a fuck-threesome.

The idea came to me yesterday afternoon while I was attempting to study for midterms- obviously anything sexy makes for a good distraction. I started thinking about threesomes and the whole supposed spontaneity of them, which then lead to a discussion of polyamorous relationships in general. Which then made me wonder how common it is to have a pair of friends-with-benefits.

Maybe it's just the company I keep, but it seems the whole fuck buddy thing is pretty de rigueur: everyone has someone they're doing on the side. There needs to be a new new in sexual liberation, so why not extend our acceptance of casual relationships into the realm of more-than-one-person-at-once.

Which then leads to my question of, are menage-a-trois a random occurance, spurred by subtle suggestions and intoxication, or do they happen much more frequently? I feel like they're always referenced as one-time things, but I don't see why this should be the case. Sex-only relationships are about raw passion, reduced inhibitions, and pushing the limits of risque behaviour. Threesomes are about all those things too, but without the worries of "what are we doing here?"- which, really, is the one question friends-with-benefits should never have to ask.

My my, the things I can come up with on a not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon.