Tuesday, February 7

Sometimes you should shoot the messenger.

On Sunday afternoon I was informed by a little Windows update bubble that my computer was being infected with spyware. I panicked, closed the bubble, and instantly my once-pure computer was flooded with viruses. Because, you see, the windows-bubble was NOT from Windows but instead a Trojan horse for the Spy Sherriff virus to ride in on.

What remains is a shell of my former computer and I can’t make myself pull the plug. I’m in denial: I haven’t touched the laptop since my father deemed it “doomed” on Sunday night. In the same vein that the computer is an extension of self, I feel like my own body is now contaminated: I’m convoluted, completely out-of-sorts, and experiencing constant waves of anxiety attacks.

I need to find a way to save my files: my writing, my academic papers, my photos, my information, my everything… and I need someone to help do it because I am entirely too emotional right now.