Sunday, February 12

Yesterday I was asked to take part in a sexy photo shoot- a professional photo shoot that is, for the Valentines Day edition of my school paper. I don’t want to give away the whole premise of the shoot, as it’ll be rolling off the presses on Tuesday morning for all to see, but it involved the boys locker room and sporty uniforms in the form of panties and boxer briefs.

What I learned from the whole experience is that modeling is HARD. You’re under hot lights, contorted in all directions, and constantly trying not to smile like a butter-tard. Today I can feel muscles that I didn’t even know existed: apparently coquette-ish poses strain the muscles under your bum and in your shoulder blades the most. Ouch.

My favourite part of the whole thing was, however, the model who was also a male stripper. A fellow student, this guy had a delightfully toned body and he was willing to get involved with the most daring shots. I decided to respond to his eagerness at getting naked, primarily because of my own premature cougar instincts, and wound up strategically covering his bits while holding a baseball bat.

And up until this week I figured my biggest accomplishment for the holiday would be to polish off a few boxes of chocolates. Indeed, things are picking up!