Thursday, March 9

I have a new obsessive pastime: decorating my cell phone. It started with a few harmless sparkley stickers and was further spurred when Ashley, who has the most colourful phone I know, shared a huge flamingo sticker with me. I later added some gold stars one evening when I was drunk. It was a harmless hobby.

But then I got these bling crystal stickers for my cell when I was in Florida, and now I can't stop talking about how fabulous the pink, blue, and white gemstones look. Seriously. If you have run into me this week you will have noticed how over-the-top my cell grooming has become. I want to keep my phone on display at all times; I make a point of taking it out and fawning over the crystals whenever I am in public.

However, I just made the mistake of googling "cell phone bling"-- and discovered just how extensive cell blinging can be. I feel a crafty project coming on...

Oh, and the other fabulously flagrant thing I got in America were some air-brushed shorts.