Monday, March 20

I just drove from Toronto to London on my own for the first time ever and I feel like a rather accomplished person right now. I don't even know why I was anxious about the whole thing, because highway driving is totally easy.

However, it’s not like you have to opportunity to reconsider your driving ability when in the middle of the 401. You just accept and adapt. As I approached the turn to the on-ramp this evening I thought what if I don’t do it? Maybe I don't want to. What if I just keep driving north and then call home to tell my parents that I am incompetent? But then I told myself to suck it up and I quickly realized that highway driving involves a lot of talking (and singing) to yourself, mainly because it is a boring but easy drive.

So now, for the first time ever, I have a car to myself. And I am certainly making use of my highway driving skills because I’ll be back and forth across Southwestern Ontario quite a lot this week. For the Annie show, to see Hair, and also for a CD Release party. I always wonder if the people who drive past take notice of my over-the-top crooning or if they mistake it for a very animated solo conversation? Because I suspect this newly-developed driving habit will increase greatly after such a musical week.