Thursday, March 30

Suddenly we have all emerged from our winter hibernation, and right on time too—because the end-of-year party circuit has begun! The next month will not be devoted to getting good grades, no, it's time to celebrate a job well (almost) done with every person you've met over the last four years. And because of this it seems as though every party is prefaced with reminders of our timeless-ness. They're all "the last" of something, and for that reason alone every event MUST be attended.

Of course, the real social pressures come from the never ending stream of questions about future plans. We’re all guilty of it: we get so curious as to what other people are doing post-April that we forget just how complicated answering the question can be. And mastering the perfect reply is tricky because there are quite a few things you have to keep in mind when outlining your so-called future.

First of all, you want to come across as confident:
I am going to get a fabulous “real” job when I move home to Toronto this summer.

But you also have to be humble:
Okay actually, I haven’t found a job yet. But I’m applying all over the place, for just about every media-communications-writing job I can find. And yes, I’m already sick of writing cover letters.

Also, you must fully support the possibility that anything could happen:
Okay, maybe I’m just going to become famous after graduation. I’ll write something incredible, get noticed, and everything will fall into place. And then I can purchase some beautiful stacked heel Christian Louboutin Bruges shoes. Or, you know, my sister and I will end up living together because our parents are clearly not impressed at the idea of us permanently returning home.

Then there is the possibility that the questioner is only so inquisitive because she wants to talk about her own amazing plans. So it’s always nice to give her a chance to boast about travels and cushy work. Or don't: that way you can imagine that like everyone else, she's unsure. It's nice to know that others are also navigating the void of graduation obscurity.