Tuesday, March 7

This weekend it was realized that there may be some guys out there who don't know what a bridal registry is. Terra and I had been discussing how it's pretty taboo to want to graduate and become married, but we were also listing off all the obvious benefits. Such as, decorating an entire house, learning how to cook delish things, and getting to set up a gift registry. And how incredible it would be to pick out all the things you wanted, from every store you love, and to then have it all purchased by your wedding guests.

It seems, however, that while guys are aware that gifts are given at a wedding, some are not privy to the full extent of the registry process. Our male conversational counterpart was shocked by our description of the store departments and website databases devoted to the management of bridal gift-giving. He had no idea couples could scan every item of interest and that guests had access (in both print-out and online form!) to the detailed lists of desired goods.

Terra and I, on the other hand, we were able to rattle off a few stores for our our ideal future registries. Maybe it's just the age we're at: guys in the lower-end of their twenties are still not well-versed in wedding mannerisms. The twenty-something female, on the other hand, has been secretly absorbed in the topic since middle school, mostly thanks to shows like A Wedding Story. Or is our male friend the only one in the dark about this sort of thing?