Sunday, April 23

And suddenly I am in my last week of school. Ever.

Okay, not ever, there's a chance that I could continue education somewhere down the line. I even freaked out this week about no longer being a student and called some schools and found out that yes! I could still apply for this fall. I don't think I will, but it's nice to know the option exists.

I didn't want to write my final essay. I handed it in on Thursday after one of the most labour-intensive writing sessions I have ever had (but was then rewarded with a much better session).

It was a cool topic, arguing the cultural authenticity of "hipsters"/indie-rock in the landscape of digital music, Pitchfork, and MySpace. And yet, I had no interest in writing. I struggled with every word I typed. I even started it over a week ago, in effort to avoid procrastination--but instead spent the time sitting at my computer, distracted, and not wanting to admit that this was really it.

Another thing that is bothering me is my impending loss of Student Health Services--otherwise known as, Paige's unlimited hypochondriac resource center. Over the last four years I went to SHS as frequently as I could manage, simply because the doctors are loose with perscriptions and I am over-zealous with self-diagnosis’s.

Seriously, how can you not love the advantage of an on-campus health clinic? There's a doctor for every ailment! Day-of appointments! All at no charge (well, not that we pay for health care in Canada to begin with, but still.) And knowing that my life will soon become one long discussion of who's got better benefits at work makes this unlimited serivce seem all the more important.

Okay, one week to go... how ever did it go by so fast??