Tuesday, April 4

As I have probably mentioned before, I have a thing for Canadian content. The past few weeks have been a literal fiesta del Canadiana, with the launch of our own version of MTV, the much-hyped Juno Awards, and the MuchMusic VJ Search. (Then again, I am writing a final paper for my Reality TV course on the VJ Search, so maybe I've over-estimated its popularity.)

It seems like almost overnight we developed a huge homegrown entertainment industry. Canadian television has gotten incredibly better over the last four years, and yes, of course everyone loves our music. But finally the media outlets are catching up to this! After all, without promotion and publicity through subsiderary venues, celebrities cannot have any real star power.

So, as annoying as Ben Mulroney may seem, the increase in entertainment programming has purpose: it makes us suddenly care about our own talent.

It is for this reason that I cannot hate on Canadian MTV. Sure, right now it's nothing more than American shows and oblivious VJs, but I really think the station will be beneficial, eventually, to Canadian content. If nothing else, it will force a higher standard in the production quality of Canadian programming.

Okay, yes, there is a certain charm to the lower-budgetness of our television. The Junos on Sunday were a great example of this. On one hand, the no-frills award show was refreshing; on the other hand, we can do better than shakey camera angles and half-filled crowds. I also could have done without the 30-minute tribute to Bryan Adams, but that's just me.

As for the MTV VJs, is there anyone out there who can actually stand watching them? I was so excited when I heard Daryn Jones was a host: as a thirteen-year-old I was beyond obsessed with his Rogers cable access show BUZZ. I called his radio show numerous times to declair my love. I got his autograph twice. Now he wears one of those redic mini-headpiece microphones and babbles about "current events" with the other vapid VJs.

Oh, and I really hope Nikki wins the MuchMusic VJ Search next week.