Monday, April 17

I have decided that, in general, iPod cases are stupid. Actually, I have known this for a long time, but was reminded of this opinion yesterday when on the bus. I saw a girl selecting her playlist through her rubber iPod case, and the quarter-inch thick barrier just looked so absurd and tacky.

When you put your iPod into one of those rubber cases, what are you doing? Trying to protect it: From being scratched, from being broken, from being finger-printed. You don't want anything to touch it.

Why are we so afraid of things touching our iPods? I understand that some cases are fashionable. I can appreciate those moreso than the ugly rubber skins. But still: if no one is ever going to see the iPod, what are we preserving it for?

Yes, your case keeps the iPod safe. BUT then you are stuck walking around with a case, not an iPod. No one ever sees the shiny perfect jukebox underneath the plastic because the iPod is trapped, in a consistent state of being protected. The iPod case is a catch-22.

(It's just like stickers! Whenever I get a really cool sticker I never stick it anywhere because I want to have the potential of sticking it in the best place ever. Which means that years later I will be cleaning and find the never-used sticker and wonder why I was so protective of it.)

And so, my iPod has not been in a case since the week I got him. Ichabod just goes au natural: It makes it easier to fit him in my pocket or purse. I've had him for 16 months and he's only slightly scratched; it's nothing that takes away from his look. I have also dropped him numerous times--one time he even landed on the gym treadmill as I was running, shot off the back, flew across the room, and hit a wall. And he still works.

And I feel like he also really appreciates the freedom.