Thursday, April 6

If there is one thing I have perfected over the last four years, it is how to function on the most minimal amount of sleep possible.

In first year, my residence was a non-stop party, and so no one went to sleep until five or six AM. This wasn't a problem, however, because no one went to classes either. In second year, the television insomnia started. The late show of Conan (starting at 3:20am) became mandatory viewing in my house, and even after that we would find something else to distract us from sleeping. Afternoon naps on the couch were a mandatory part of our day.

In third year, I started staying up late to do work. I feel I am the most creative at night; the dark is peaceful and has few distractions. Also, for the seasoned procrastinator, the night provides the right amount of extra time.

So now I have a habit I cannot break. I try to go to bed before four AM and find it extremely difficult. I find other things to do: clean my bathroom, play with my fish, download music, read blogs I don't even care about... the list goes on. The point is, I am unable to shut myself down at night until I have literally exhausted all other resources.

Four AM would be an acceptable bedtime if I was getting up at noon every day. But no, I wake up at 9:30-10:30 most mornings, always feeling tired and cranky, promising myself that tonight will be different.

But it never is. I went to bed yesterday at 2:45am and it felt like a great accomplishment! Tonight I had promised myself to tuck in even earlier, but instead I am writing this. And you know what will happen after I finish this post?

I will look at my site meter stats, feed my fish, linger in my bathroom performing "necessary" things such as eyebrow plucking and magazine reading, diary-write about my crush, read some of my book, and listen to the radio until I, eventually, fall asleep.