Wednesday, May 24

I love superstitions.

I don’t know when the obsession with all things “luck” started. I know my grandma was superstitious, so maybe she caused it to rub off on me. I’m not religious, so perhaps I had to pick up a faith in something. Or maybe I am just in the early stages of OCD. Regardless: I love old wives tales, quirky habits, and all notions about luck, prosperity, and chance.

And I also believe they totally work.

Tonight at a family dinner my aunt mentioned that when serving cake, it is better to be served a piece which is still standing upright because it means marriage is in your future. This revelation came after I told my aunt she HAD to cut and serve the cake, because it was her birthday and it meant good luck. But, that’s besides the point. Because, more importantly, I (and she) made sure I ate a right-standing slice of cake--I wouldn’t give myself bad luck by opening an umbrella inside, so why eat a tipped piece of cake?

The same thing goes for: avoiding the underside of ladders, not breaking mirrors, tossing salt over my shoulder after spilling it, keeping a routine to tea service, and never killing bugs. (Actually, I don’t kill bugs—not even mosquitoes—for the good karma, so that’s a whole other story…)

Superstitions, I think, are so compelling because they relate to one of my main life mantras: The girls who expect orchids, get orchids. Which translates as, those who know what they want, get it, and those who are unsure never accomplish anything. Superstitions confirm or deny our own desires and goals; if you don’t want the “bad luck” outcome, don’t take the “risk”, but when you know you want something, isn’t it best to make sure all signs point to yes?

Which is why, for the past three months, I have been wishing on every fallen eyelash for a certain boy to be my boyfriend. I know that obvs, this isn’t the only reason that things have become so lovely with him, but why deny a superstition just after I’ve been delivered an orchid?