Monday, May 15

Some fabulous friends of mine are bringing everyone's favourite hobby to new heights with the creation of Stalk TO. It's a blog for keeping track of all Toronto goings-on, and also will list sightings of anyone of importance at these goings-ons. Think of it as Toronto's verbal answer to Cobrasnake (or, Blue States Lose, depending on how ironic the site reads).

The other night I was thinking to myself that all Toronto really needs is a Cobrasnake-ish site to fully cement all the things that go on here. Yes, a photo-scenester site would put a foolish amount of pressure on the city-- but currently I am lacking my own digital camera and so the idea of encountering a pseudo-personal photographer during a night out seems compelling.

Anyways, back to stalking. Last week I saw VJ Search finalist Sean at a restaurtant--a spotting which is only significant due to my reaction: Upon seeing him my mind triggered a "recognition!" signal which caused the subconcious raising of my hand to make a friendly "Heeeeeyyy" wave.

Then I realized that, No Paige, you don't KNOW Sean, you only feel like you know him from watching him on TV for so many weeks, and I promptly stopped what could have been an embarrassing moment. Anyways, I spotted him again, while downtown this afternoon, and I was much more suave in pretending not to notice my noticing. That's how stalking should be done.

But I guess that's not really stalking as much as it's a case of "accidental coincidental encounters"--something which I am now very well-versed in. While out this weekend I saw a couple on the dance floor, and the man looked weirdly familiar in a "celebrity or scenester?" sort of way. The more I drank, the more I kept looking at the couple, trying to figure out how I recognized him. Then I ended up bumping into them in the bathroom hallway and at the bar too many times for comfort, and was given many weird looks. Not wanting to seem creepy, I left the bar confused about my sense of recognition.

Today I was downtown and was standing, waiting, on a busy sidewalk with another female. I was at the building where the boy I am head-over-heels for works, meeting him to go on an afternoon date, and as someone came outside the front doors I smiled and turned--only to be face-to-face with Saturday night's "familiar" male and his female counterpart. AWWWWWWKWARD! The couple gave me a strange look and walked away, and I pretended to be absorbed in a text message.

I don't know what bothers me more: that I could be mistaken for a stalker, or that even with the workplace clues I still cannot place how I recognize this guy.