Monday, May 29

This month's internet obession goes to craigslist-- and when I say craigslist I really mean the highly entertaining Missed Connections section.

I want to imagine that great relationships--or at least adorable dates--frequently occur due to missed connections listings. I like the obscure references contained in some posts, because I always wonder if they ever make it through to their intended audience. If the person just happens to check craigslist the day something is written, or if the target is one of thousands of people who obsessivly read missed connections every day? The cupid inside of me craves success stories--and even manages to keep the cynical side of me to a minimun.

And so I follow the posts and replies as they unfold, hoping to one day uncover a listing I can 'solve".

I blame this obsession entirely on my moving back to Toronto. Because while I have always enjoyed the various job postings, rants, raves, and 'for sale' listings on craigslist, the missed connections are all the more necessary now that I could be part of them. Yes, yes, I have about a one-in-three-million chance of being a "Missed Connection" but still: that's much better than the odds of an appearance while living in London, a city without its own craigslist site.

I need to read the missed connections every day, you see, because I suddenly feel responsible for them. I could be the missing link, the one person who knows exactly who the poster is looking for. I'm a pretty observational person and I'd make a great matchmaker. Craigslist totally needs me to keep reading.

And so this possibility--the delicious chance that I could see a post about someone I know--is what has me hooked on the site. Last week I thought one listing referred to my friend Ashley, and I sent her a few frenzied messages before realizing it wasn't. Oops. But still: I had been at the event mentioned, and that first Paige-connecion to the missed connections was satisfying. I can only imagine that solving one will be even better.