Friday, May 12

This morning I had one of the most glorious things possible occur. It was 9:30am and I was waiting in my subway station for a bus to arrive and take me home. I was in a particularily incredible mood, and hiding my half-sleepy-half-smirking face behind sunglasses despite the rainy downpour outside.

And then a friend/frenemie from high school got off an incoming bus and started walking towards me, in a brisk "on-my-way-to-the-office" pace.

"Heyyyyyyyyy." I call out, lifting the sunglasses off my face.

She nods at me and doesn't stop walking.

"Just heading home now?" she asks with a bit of a scowl.

I twirl my hair and smile even more. "Yeaaaaaaaah."

At this point, she has almost passed by me. "Well," she shouts. "Some of us have to WORK, you know!"

I couldn't help but laugh at her and reply with "Yes, well I work afternoons!"--which is only half-true, as I recently started working promo for a brewery--but at this point she is gone and I am looking around to see if anyone else caught the sass-fest that was our conversation.

So sorry that my drinking-partying-romancing offends. However, it should be noted that even when I am fully employed I will not hate on those having a good time. Actually, I will still be one of those people having a good time. I never saw the point of being miserable, after all.