Tuesday, May 9

When you're in your third decade of life it is very easy to assume that the interesting things you notice are new, wide-spread trends. We become overwhelmed with the range our observations have spread and cannot stand to rationalize that these "new" things have always been around.

The last twenty-odd years have been about learning that which was already discovered--now it's time to pioneer our own trends, observations, and ideas. After all, it's much more appealing to be on the cusp of the up-and-coming, rather than just uncovering what has always exsisted.

Consider the new "yummy mummy" trend. I know it's easy to pass off my noticing of all things baby as part of the logical progression from student to adult behaviours-- but there is no way that young mothers have been so exposed in the past.

My friend Jenny and I count over half-a-dozen preggers women (avec Louis bags and Lulu pants) with every Starbucks patio visit we make: our neighbourhood has become a literal breeding ground for rich couples. We are also sickingly addicted to Rebecca Eckler's mommy blog, in a "I hate that they make baby-sized Seven jeans and yet I also really want to one day buy some for my child" sort of way.

Still don't believe me? Think about the explosion of babies-as-the-it-object in Hollywood. Or the number of media outlets that have suddenly become obsessed with chronicling motherhood. Couple that with the recent burst of people I know knowing many people who are having babies and ta da! I am allowed to call pregnancy a "new trend".

If only I could find employment or education in the realm of Observing & Judging.