Tuesday, June 27

I almost burst into tears today at work.

Not because my boss yelled at me, or because I deleted a day’s amount of work—no no, my watery eyes were caused by reading the New York Times.

…Style Section.

Weddings & Celebrations.

Canadian wedding announcements are ridiculously different from American ones. The Globe, for instance, once featured a couple who had met in grade nine and were now married at twenty-three. They both went to school at home and saved EVERY penny for their wedding—which also meant that they never went on dates because their ‘future’ was too important. EW! Seriously!? That has no place in a newspaper. (The bride also had the most horrid dress and the groom was rather troll-like. I wish them all the best.)

The real reason to read wedding listings is for their insight to the lives of the rich and educated. It’s essentially an outline on how to get the dream life: go to this university, live in this city, be friends with this crowd, and you will end up with both an incredible job and cute husband. And this is why I enjoy the NYT’s listing so much.

Today’s reading included both the wedding of a woman who does PR for Seven Jeans, and the son of Disney CEO Michael D. Eisner. There were both PhDs and MTVs. Exactly as wedding announcements should be. Ah! I get a little misty just thinking about it.