Thursday, June 8

I love the little tidal-wave that my craigslist Missed Connections post has created. Not only are all my friends now obsessed with tracking connections, but I have managed to make it on to the site twice since last week.!

Today this post was brought to my attention. Awe, thank you to whomever wrote it. (And I’m really not that hard to spot around the city—just ride the subway or hang in the downtown core and I’m always around.)

The other Paige-as-a-“missed connection” was posted on the weekend. When I read the title I was overcome with a feeling of possibility: I’m brunette and giggle a lot! Is this what I think it is? Then I read the post and everything clicked—nachos! texting! Green Room late on Friday!—it was totally about me!

I fired off an email asking for a description of what I was wearing, and re-read the post again (and again). And then something else clicked. I had had a similar conversation, but not with anyone at the bar—rather, all those things were said as I tried to convince the boy to come out that night. Ah! The post was not really a missed connection as much as it was him being cute. (Or, as one of my male friends said the next day: “First orchids and now this? Man! He knows exactly what to do to make you happy!”)

However, not so cute was the humiliating re-read of my “OHMYGOD it’s my dream to be a missed connection-what was I wearing?!” email. Not as much flirty as it just seemed dorky. Ooh well.

And, one last thing: Former Torontoist editor Josh and I have re-started the weekly He Said/She Said “advice” column. This week’s post: Wake up and smell the summer! Enjoy.