Wednesday, June 21

So, lets talk about my new job!

Because, it really hasn’t hit me that this is what I do now: I wake up at 6:30 am and get to work by 8:00 because I am an administrative assistant for a team of international engineers at a Fortune-500 company.

What? Really!? Really. Yes, I am just as shocked as you are. It’s totally not what I thought I would be doing—I even turned the position down at first. However, I have my reasons for accepting…

1. It’s actually a pretty fun job. I’m not just an office admin; I’m a concierge for the city of Toronto. A secretary. A supporter of the British and Saudi football teams. A personal shopper. A travel agent.

2. It’s experience. I’ve become pretty cynical about the whole university thing—a B.A. qualifies you to do, well, nothing. Because frankly no one gives a shit if you can write ten pages on the political economy of Canadian broadcast media. But if you can do expense reports and organize meetings… that’s something.

3. It’s a contract position. I’m signed on for six months but will most likely be employed till the team leaves in April. But that’s it—I don’t have to promise myself to “only stay here for a year or until something better comes along” because I’ve got the luxury of an expiry date.

4. The pay is, well, incredible. Forget entry-level and forget being modest: I’m making almost twice the amount I would anywhere else! (!!) Which brings me to…

5. The wardrobe. I am completely devoted to dressing the part of stellar secretary. Right now I’m going for an Audrey Hepburn-meets-Anne from Valley of the Dolls look: high waistlines, cropped pants, pleated skirts, capped sleeves, ahh!

6. If nothing else, I will get many good stories out of it. In high school I nearly failed chemistry and dropped math in grade 10. I am no way like the meticulous, monotonous, and methodical people I work with, but they’re so fun to observe.

7. And, at least once a day I am mistaken for an engineer.