Wednesday, July 12

After spending four years in school obsessing over the political economy of Canadian broadcast media, memorizing which company owns what content, and tracking the flow of pop culture, of course the most ridiculous and massive takeover bid has to occur the summer after graduation.

If Bell Globemedia does takeover CHUM (for the ripe amount of $1.7 billion) well… Well, right now I can’t even begin to imagine how immensely our media would change. Right now I am still convinced the CRTC won't let it happen.

On one hand, I don’t doubt that an incredible boom in Canadian content, production, and talent would arise out of it. But on the other hand, there is no way we need to have one company controlling the vast majority of our media outlets.

Forget tongue-in-cheek jokes about Much VJs and MTV hosts competing to for the title of most-daft personality—we’re going to have a serious recycling of programming, ‘celebrities’, and issues if it’s all being produced, publicized, and controlled by one conglomerate.

Consider the large amount of repeats and ideas that already flow between the various networks of each: CTV airs a show that E! Talk Daily gave a rave review to that a Canadian Idol sang the theme song for that the Globe and Mail reviews that MTV interviews. MuchMusic uses the MMVAs to invite and nominate every musician connected to the VJ Search and plays the videos on constant rotation and then re-airs the awards show five times a day on every one of their specialty channels.

And this is really all fluff concerns—I’m not even getting into the problems of objectivity and partisanship that come with having virtually no competition.

Oh! It’s times like this that I really wish I was going back to school in the fall…