Sunday, July 9

The best part of my afternoon occurred when I left my friend’s World Cup party and an Italian family gave me a flag. Hello! It was pandemonium downtown after Italy won, and having a flag meant I got to be a real part of it all. Every car honked (and in a, yay Italy! way—not the usual ‘hey baby’ chirps I am used to) and people waved and cheered as my one-person parade weaved between regular street-traffic and all the other fans.

(The best part of my morning, on the other hand, was an affair much less crowded, but entirely more invigorating. Absolutely delish! …but anyways…)

So perhaps I felt like a fake Italian, but I figured at the height of celebration no one would care. Extra support is always needed, no? And my instant connection to this huge, special, and ridiculously excited club completely overrode any feelings of guilt-by-flag-waving.

Whatever, I’m all about the bandwagon these days. That’s the only way I can explain my sudden love for various “cheesy” pop songs. Christina’s “Ain’t No Other Man”—amazing! I have been singing Paris Hilton’s song all weekend. And after discovering the new Justin Timberlake single on Friday I have decided I will now be bringing a JT renaissance back.