Wednesday, July 19

Between editing engineering documents and emailing my coworkers, a great deal of my daytime has been devoted to planning a holiday. That’s right, I finally get to be one of those graduates everyone else hates: I am going traveling!

However, because it’s a tiny bit of traveling I’m calling it a holiday—something which I think sounds more cute (and European!) than ‘vacation’. And as of right now, my holiday is very… open.

Terra is currently in Italy, if you didn’t know. She’s the real traveler: spending three months working at a winery and taking courses at the local university. However, when she’s done in the fall that’s when I will romantically coast into the European landscape and we’ll rendezvous. Somewhere. And then go other somewheres together. Amsterdam. Rome. Barcelona. Prague. Marseilles. Vienna… who knows! Those finite details remain to be determined.

What I do know is that I’m flying into Paris at the end of September and then flying out of Paris two weeks later. I booked those tickets literally the hour after I got the okay from my boss on vacation time. I’m comfortable being in Paris on my own, and I have more than two months to figure out where I’ll be for the rest of my holiday.

So for now, I obsessively research train schedules, hotel and hostel reviews, European plane schedules, and Google maps. I also need to buy a digital camera. Technically I’m not planning on backpacking (after all, I’m employed now, not a poor student!) but I also would much rather spend the bulk of my money on clothing and food and entertainment rather than accommodations.

But until then, I have another holiday to look forward to—this weekend will be spent at the family cottage in Muskoka. What’s even better: my sister and I are both heading up avec boyfriend. Sexy midnight canoe rides and bunking shenanigans, ahoy!