Wednesday, July 26

I am in love, and so I have decided that I am allowed to do foolish things. Such as: deciding to spite my self-imposed 11pm curfew last night in order to finish the pitcher of sangria I was drinking downtown, and then further ruin my plans for responsible sleep by suddenly choosing to go to the boyfriend’s house—something which resulted in half-sleeping for maybe five hours before having to head back uptown to make it to work for 8am.

At first I was so good at this ‘early to bed, early to rise’ thing. Then I discovered that, with careful sleep-budgeting, I could afford the late nights I am so fond of. (I also learned that a few drops of Visine will instantly make tired eyes look chipper and alert!) Going out even makes the workday go faster: if you’re not happily distracted by thinking about what happened last night, you’re certainly busy planning what will occur tonight.

This packed social-and-work schedule is also easy to defend. Certainly nine hours is a long time to be focused and productive each day, especially if you work in a partially-stimulating office. And yes, being overly tired while having to work is, well, horrible. But if I don’t do something after 6pm I become one of those people who only exist to work. Ew.

But of course, now I am sitting at my desk, endlessly yawning, totally dependent on the grande Starbucks coffee next to the keyboard, and waiting for the TAB energy drink I will have with lunch.

Ahh, whatever! I am well rehearsed in functioning on low-levels of sleep. But more importantly I have discovered that daydreaming about said love is absolutely the best way to glide through an entire day of work. (My pink and red office supplies and fancy doodling skills also help.)