Saturday, August 26


Actually went to bed early on Thursday (11:30pm has now been deemed early after a string of unsatisfying post-midnight sleeps) making work on Friday seem half-as-long. But the day was also broken up with phone calls: Not only did I speak with one of my favourite journalists, Rebecca Eckler, I also took a call from a producer at MTV and maybe you’ll see me on TV on next week. Hmm. There was a lunch trip to the Mandarin buffet for departing co-workers (feeding the needs of hungry university kids is the only reason I would eat there..) and then the ubiquitous post-work drinks to celebrate a work-week well done.

I made some slightly-intoxicated purchases on my way home, including the new Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton albums, but when I opened the Paris case there was no CD inside! An ironic statement on her abilities as a musician, perhaps? Went with the parents to test-drive a new car and then argued about their inability to buy a new car over dinner. Drank some wine and curled my hair and tried on too many outfits and then changed my shoes three times before heading out the door.

Finished a bottle of Il Prosecco while watching multiple episodes of Cover Shot at Ashley’s. When we arrived at the Drake I bumped into a friend who introduced us to the bouncer and we were immediately ushered inside, much to the dismay of the dozens of people waiting in line. MisShapes was DJing (what may be a monthly event?) and another friend bought me a few vodka tonics. We danced on stage for a long time (SexyBack! Annie's Heartbeat!) until I was too tired and excused myself to go home.

Fell asleep in my taxi and the cabbie woke me up a few blocks from home to clarify directions. Curled up in my sister’s bed for a while, demanding she play the new Christina album. Defeated, I went into my own room and got into bed where I could cuddle up with the boyfriend’s sweater and then considered leaving messages on his answering machine, but as it’s only the first day of his two-week vacation there will be many more opportunities for that.