Wednesday, August 9

If there is one thing I know for sure about myself, it is that I am the audience and consumer that advertisers dream about. This was first discovered many years ago, when I was sitting outside the local grocery store waiting for a friend to end his work shift. A truck drove up, displaying a huge ad for chocolate chip cookies, and I rushed inside and purchased said cookies, only realizing what had occurred when I was back outside ripping the bag open cookie-monster style.

So now I have this phone from Nokia, which I was given, free-of-charge, for the purpose of promoting among my social network. At first I was a tad apprehensive to the whole idea—being trendy is one thing; secretly branding products as a tastemaker is borderline selling-out.

But once the phone was placed in my hand I became instantly transfixed and my doubt was replaced with: “How could anyone not want this phone!?” as well as: “It’s soooo awesome, it’s pretty much the best celly I have ever had! The best cell I have ever seen!” and also: “Everyone LOOK at my new phone, look look look at everything it does!”

I am almost ashamed at myself for the level of eagerness I have towards talking about the phone. But I have decided that trend marketing is the easiest form of marketing, given the right product and people involved, with me and the Nokia being a prime example.

I rarely initiate conversations about the phone, but when they start, oh then I go into celly-love gushing mode, where I blab endlessly about things like being able to watch videos on it and adjusting the white-balance on my zoom-lens camera.

This all sounds like a carefully crafted product placement, doesn’t it? I told you, I’m an advertiser’s dream: my talking about the Nokia is not done for contractual obligations or to please them; it’s motivated by my overwhelming need to brag about having received THEBESTPHONEEVER for free. (Which, I now realize, does end up pleasing Nokia. And so it goes…)

So while I’m at it, let’s air out some other products I am currently infatuated with, simply because they’re trendy and up to par with my lifestyle. You know, other things I would wax poetic about, samples or not. (hint, hint?)

- Domaines Ott rosé wine.
Simply because the NYT Style section deemed it the drink to be seen with and I need a more fashionable rosé than my mother’s White Zinfandel.

- Paige Premuim Denim jeans, skinny style.
(And thank you Leah McLaren for writing so poignantly about skinny jeans this weekend--as if I needed another reason to lovelovelove her.)

- A Fendi Spy Bag or B Bag.
Because I have already half-experienced the Spy Bag (my knock-off is possibly the best purchase I've made this summer) and I just can’t seem to get over how fucking cute the B Bags are. Designer bags, I think, make any outfit look instantly fabulous, and would be the perfect accessory on my European holiday.