Thursday, August 3

The perks of being addicted to maintaining a tiny piece of the internet come in many forms—from getting free things to being contacted by both celebrities and the people who make celebrities to getting dates from something I’ve written—yes, this site has created a lot of opportunities. (Most of which I unfortunately haven’t been able to post about due to their confidential circumstances.)

But! Here’s a couple for you:

Tomorrow morning, part in thanks to my writing here and on Torontoist, you can hear me on the CBC Radio 1 show Here’s the Thing. I'll be the ‘dating and relationship advice expert’ giving some tips in the laundromat. 9:30am, do listen if you have a chance—it’ll be funny I promise!

And also: I know that I’ve been totally lacking on photo content recently, but that’s simply because I haven’t had a camera. Nokia decided to fix that, and tomorrow I am being given a brand new beautiful 6682 phone as well as a whole bunch of additional accessories and features. This means that the next time I am judging weird people on the subway or being crazy at the bar, everything will be camera-captured or even videotaped and instantly uploaded to this blog with hilarious commentary. It’s going to be positively thrilling!