Friday, August 11

While I can be an incredibly insensitive and cruel person, I am always amazed at the stupidly-ignorant things that come out of other people’s mouths.

Today I was given a package to mail to the UK by two of the highest-ranking men I work for, who are also Saudi Arabian. They wanted me to mail their British cell phones to the secretary at their old office in London. I took the package (in the original celly-box), wrapped it up, printed off an address label, and took it to the mailing room as I do for all other packages.

The elderly mailing-room lady lost it. She demanded to know what the Saudis were sending out, and when I said it was some cellular phones she became even more irrational.

“You can’t even bring those on airplanes now!” she exclaimed.

“Yes you can,” I replied. “You just can’t bring them HERE from the UK on planes…”

“No! No, no, no!” she retorted. “If that box starts ticking they will be all over it, and me!”

Yes, that’s right. Forget the multi-billion dollar reason why my silver-spoon Saudi bosses are in this country; their real purpose for being here is to send a couple of old “cell phones” through the postal service.